What can you learn at a technical college?

How about all of the necessary skills to allow you to acquire a job immediately upon graduation?
Let’s break this down and closely examine four specific reasons for considering a two year degree at a technical college.

The Ability to Enter the Work Force After Two Years of Education and Training.

A technical college is designed to get you out there and employed to begin your career as soon as possible. You can only take classroom and hands on training so far before you enter an area of diminishing returns. The only way for you to really learn and understand all that will encompass your employment with a company in your chosen discipline is to become an actual employee.

This will enable you to learn in a pragmatic and very practical manner exactly what it is to be a part of a company and learning to abide by their rules and follow their procedures. You’ll find out exactly what it is like to have a real boss and be working with other employees in an appropriate, cohesive and productive fashion. You’ll begin this ‘Real’ learning process two years ahead of your four year degree counterpart.

The two year program of a technology or trade school translates to less student debt and you begin to earn an income two years earlier.

A Specialized Skill That Cannot Be Shipped Overseas as the Actual Work Has to Be Done Here, in the United States

The nurse, the welder, the paralegal, the pharmacy technician; all of the people doing these jobs have to be at their place of employment or on the job site. These positions cannot be outsourced overseas.

The four occupations just mentioned above, as well as many others offered as two year programs, have room for career advancement. This may include the company paying for your continued education and as result of which you become more valuable to the company and will receive an increase in pay.

The reason for this is the company knows what type of an employee your are and the type of person you are as well. Their focus on your continued education will be exactly what you need to know to benefit the company and also allow you to move to a position of greater responsibility and authority resulting, again, in an increase in pay.

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A Greater Number Of Apprenticeship and Intern Programs

The closest you can get to actually working at your chosen profession is an apprenticeship or an intern program. These two types of situations also allow you to begin to network; asking what is really required of you to be successful and getting a feel for the reality of what it is like to work for different companies.

At many of these technology and trade schools, study hours are spent bringing students together in a live forum to discuss and share their experiences from their apprentice ship or working as an intern to expand their knowledge base and also understand the ‘Human Element’ that is a major part of working within a company. It is an opportunity to search for an internship at different companies, to work with people. 

Job Placement With ‘Industry Partners’

Normally referred to as ‘Industry Partnerships,’ this direct connection between a two year technical college and specific companies works both ways. The college wants to be able to honestly and accurately show how quickly their students were hired, who they were hired by and their starting salary.

The ‘Industry Partner’ seeks the advantage of hiring someone from a particular college with a track record of good hires. One of the most difficult and expensive facet of a business is interviewing, hiring, and specifically training a new employee and hoping this new employee becomes a valuable and integral member of their organization.

If the company has had great success with hiring students from a particular college, they will continue do do so as this will be far more efficient and less costly for them.


HR-systems are digitalized systems that help firms to keep track of their employees’ data and development. 

It is especially used when recruiting new employees in a firm and all their data and GDPR information needs to be documented and kept in track. 

HR-systems are helpful to give an overview of all the employees’ work position and their future development in the firm. 

It is also used for onboarding and offboarding processes. They can be confusing and stressful. An HR-system keeps track of all the necessary data and gives an overview of all the important documents needed for recruiting.

Why the Emphasis on a Four Year Degree?

There are many that feel the four year degree is over-rated and is lacking in true value. Society has put pressure on students and parents that it will bring stature and respect among your peers. There is also a line of thought that it has more to do with the ego of the parents then actually relating to the needs of the individual student and what life is really about.